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The 2024 Bundesliga Goalkeeper Market Analysis


With the winter transfer window over and scout teams are focusing on the upcoming summer window, I wanted to take a look at the German Bundesliga and their goalkeepers. This market analysis gives suggestions on which clubs might be on the market for a new goalkeeper as well as who they already have on their books at the senior level.

Within this post, I will be utilizing statistics (with the data collected on 15.02.24 via WyScout) and my playing style and scoring system, a proprietary, self-developed scoring system used in my consulting services. While these scores would typically be adjusted to fit a specific playing style, I have used a generalized system that considers key shot-stopping, distribution, and area defence qualities. The scoring involves players from the following leagues:

  • English Premier League (ENG 1)

  • Spanish La Liga (ESP 1)

  • Italian Serie A (ITA 1)

  • German Bundesliga (DEU 1)

  • French Ligue 1 (FRA 1)

  • Portuguese Primeria Liga (PRT 1)

  • Dutch Eredivisie (NLD 1)

To qualify for the scoring, a player must have played 500' this season as a minimum in their senior domestic competition. Please note that none of these scores individually recognize a player as good or bad, but rather highlight their strengths with 0 being the worst score and 99 being the best score.

For the market status category within each team profile, a player's performance, age profile, and team's standing will determine where the club fits in one of these three categories:

  • High Probability - A new goalkeeper is needed and the club will likely be on the goalkeeper acquisition market this summer.

  • Medium Probability - The situation is not urgent, but the club could do with exploring options.

  • Low Probability - There are no concerns for the club in their goalkeeping department, do not expect any transfer activity.

If you would like to jump to a specific team, you can select from the list below. If not, just continue from here!

Team List


Goalkeeping Squad
  • Finn Dahmen (B. 1998, Contract Exp. 30.06.26)

  • Tomas Koubek (B. 1992, Contract Exp. 30.06.24)

  • Marcel Lubik (B. 2004, Contract Exp. 30.06.26)

  • Out on Loan - Daniel Klein (B. 2001, Contract Exp. 30.06.25)

Player Profile - Finn Dahmen

Finn Dahmen is one of the youngest starting goalkeepers in the league (only beaten by Freiburg's Noah Atubolu) which means that his best days could still be ahead of him. As shown below, his best abilities come on the ball, but the young German has plenty of improving to do.

  • Shot-Stopping Score: 29

  • Ball-Playing Score: 60

  • Area Defending Score: 47

With the club's second choice Tomas Koubek seeing his contract due to expire in the summer, Augsburg has some flexibility in what they can do. Marcel Lubik and Daniel Klein (returning from his loan stint at SV Sandhausen) could compete for the second spot. If Augsburg aren't convinced on Dahmen, they could look to bring an experienced starter in for Dahmen to learn from.

Market Status: Medium Probability

Bayer Leverkusen

Goalkeeping Squad
  • Lukas Hradecky (B. 1989, Contract Exp. 30.06.26)

  • Matej Kovar (B. 2000, Contract Exp. 30.06.27)

  • Niklas Lomb (B. 1993, Contract Exp. 30.06.24)

  • Out on Loan - Patrick Pentz (B. 1997, 30.06.25)

Player Profile - Lukas Hradecky

The veteran goalkeeper from Finland has held down the starting job for Bayer Leverkusen since 2018 and remains an excellent shot-stopper. His other aspects of play have begun their regression and are worth monitoring as he captains Xabi Alonso's unbeatable side.

  • Shot-Stopping Score: 92

  • Ball-Playing Score: 47

  • Area Defending Score: 44

Austrian goalkeeper Patrick Pentz is currently out on loan at Brondby in Denmark, and I would expect him to either accept a true backup role with Leverkusen or move permanently in the summer to a club where he can be the regular starter. Kovar appears to be the in-house heir to Hradecky's throne, as the promising youngster has shown his potential when called upon. That leaves Niklas Lomb as the man in limbo. The German veteran is in the final months of his contract and will likely leave the club unless Leverkusen decides to sell Pentz and not promote a youngster.

Market Status: Low Probability

Bayern Münich

Manuel Neuer, Bayern Munich

Goalkeeping Squad
  • Manuel Neuer (B. 1986, Contract Exp. 30.06.25)

  • Sven Ulreich (B. 1988, Contract Exp. 30.06.25)

  • Daniel Peretz (B. 2000, Contract Exp. 30.06.28)

  • Out on Loan - Alexander Nubel (B. 1996, Contract Exp. 30.06.25)

Player Profile - Manuel Neuer

With a string of defeats and Bayern's dynasty of ruling the Bundesliga looking more and more likely to end, Manuel Neuer's performances are starting to mirror his club's - declining. While he still maintains his transition from his famous sweeping abilities to being excellent on the ball, he is becoming a bit of a risk out of possession. At some point, a transition of power has to happen.

  • Shot-Stopping Score: 35

  • Ball-Playing Score: 85

  • Area Defending Score: 19

Elsewhere in the squad, long-term deputy Sven Ulreich still has some time left on his contract and will continue being an experienced option to step in as needed. Recent arrival Daniel Peretz has suffered an injury but still has excellent potential - read his full profile here. That brings us to Alexander Nubel, whose Bayern future always seems to come with an asterisk since joining in 2020. Without going into too much detail on his performances, which you can read in the Stuttgart section, it is reported that Bayern haven't yet given up on him and are considering a contract extension. Peretz is not ready to take over Neuer's role fully, and there are concerns over Nubel's future, but Bayern's upcoming transition period will likely involve their stalwart for a decade stepping aside.

Market Status: Medium Probability


Goalkeeping Squad
  • Manuel Riemann (B. 1988, Contract Exp. 30.06.25)

  • Michael Esser (B. 1987, Contract Exp. 30.06.24)

  • Andreas Luthe (B. 1987, Contract Exp. 30.06.24)

  • Niclas Thiede (B. 1999, Contract Exp. 30.06.27)

Player Profile - Manuel Riemann

Coming into the season, Bochum was expected by many to be close to relegation danger, but they have found themselves midtable as we enter the final dozen matches of the season. Veteran Manuel Riemann's performances haven't been great, but they have been good enough to not be a liability for the club.

  • Shot-Stopping Score: 37

  • Ball-Playing Score: 65

  • Area Defending: 64

With another season of Bundesliga likely coming, Bochum can build more for a future rather than immediate success. Three of their goalkeepers are 35 years old (or older), meaning that future focus is certainly due. Riemann could see out the rest of his contract, but it might be wise for Bochum to acquire someone capable of regular starts rather than supporting roles.

Market Status: High Probability

Borussia Dortmund

Goalkeeping Squad
  • Gregor Kobel (B. 1997, Contract Exp. 30.06.28)

  • Alexander Meyer (B. 1991, Contract Exp. 30.06.25)

  • Marcel Lotka (B. 2001, Contract Exp. 30.06.25)

Player Profile - Gregor Kobel

Arguably the best goalkeeper in the Bundesliga, Gregor Kobel has evolved since joining in 2021 to be more than trustworthy. His shot-stopping has kept Dortmund in the hunt for a Champions League spot this season, as he scores in the 89th percentile for goals prevented.

  • Shot-Stopping Score: 87

  • Ball-Playing Score: 78

  • Area Defending Score: 18

Elsewhere in the squad, Alexander Meyer has proven himself to be a capable backup (which is his ceiling at Dortmund) and Marcel Lotka has spent time developing as the reserve team goalkeeper in the 3. Liga. Lotka has potential, but he likely needs a loan to move to a different environment to reach that potential.

Market Status: Low Probability

Borussia Mönchengladbach

Moritz Nicolas, 'Gladbach

Goalkeeping Squad
  • Jonas Omlin (B. 1994, Contract Exp. 30.06.27)

  • Moritz Nicolas (B. 1997, Contract Exp. 30.06.26)

  • Jan Olschowsky (B. 2001, Contract Exp. 30.06.27)

  • Tobias Sippel (B. 1988, Contract Exp. 30.06.24)

Player Profile - Moritz Nicolas

When team captain Jonas Omlin went down with a serious shoulder injury on August 30th, 2023, 'Gladbach fans had every right to be concerned. However, Moritz Nicolas has filled in at a very high level and still has his best years ahead of him as one of the more complete goalkeepers in the division.

  • Shot-Stopping Score: 79

  • Ball-Playing Score: 73

  • Area Defending Score: 53

'Gladbach have found themselves in a season of severe underperformance and a hint of relegation danger. With the goalkeeping department looking like it has two starter-level options, I would expect investment elsewhere and the only market activity coming via potential departures, such as veteran Tobias Sippel.

Market Status: Low Probability

FC Köln

Goalkeeping Squad
  • Marvin Schwabe (B. 1995, Contract Exp. 30.06.27)

  • Philipp Pentke (B. 1985, Contract Exp. 30.06.24)

  • Jonas Nickish (B. 2004, Contract Exp. 30.06.25)

  • Matthias Kobbing (B. 1997, Contract Exp. 30.06.25)

  • Out on Loan - Jonas Urbig (B. 2003, Contract Exp. 30.06.26)

Player Profile - Marvin Schwabe

Despite a disastrous season for effzeh, Marvin Schwabe has performed as a respectable goalkeeper. He likely won't get too much better than he currently is, but he is performing at a good enough level for the league.

  • Shot-Stopping Score: 57

  • Ball-Playing Score: 66

  • Area Defending Score: 26

FC Köln have found themselves in a position where the best-case scenario is the club plays for the promotion/relegation playoff, but there is a real danger of direct relegation. The outcome of this season will likely determine Köln's goalkeeping plans moving forward. Should the club survive, a goalkeeping tandem of Schwabe and Urbig is likely. Should the club be relegated, I would expect Schwabe to move on and Urbig (a key piece of Köln's future and likely the future of German goalkeeping) will be the undisputed number one. Pentke will likely depart no matter what happens, while Kobbing will stay the emergency backup and Nickish could find himself loaned out.

Market Status: Low Probability


Goalkeeping Squad
  • Marcel Schuhen (B. 1993, Contract Exp. 30.06.25)

  • Alexander Brunst (B. 1995, Contract Exp. 30.06.24)

  • Morten Behrens (B. 1997, Contract Exp. 30.06.24)

Player Profile - Marcel Schuhen

Marcel Schuhen has dealt with being the goalkeeper on a newly promoted side that likely does not have what it takes to stay in the top flight this season. While his on-the-ball and area defending abilities have been competent, his shot-stopping is simply not good enough for the top division. With relegation likely, another year on his contract, and the traits to do okay in a dominant side, Schuhen will likely be a safe candidate that stays around if Darmstadt finds themselves in the 2. Bundesliga next season.

  • Shot-Stopping Score: 10

  • Ball-Playing Score: 70

  • Area Defending Score: 54

As for Brunst and Behrens, it would not be surprising to see one (or both of them) depart with contracts expiring. If Darmstadt stays up, a replacement will likely be needed to start and space will need to be cleared out. If Darmstadt is relegated, retooling will be required and someone else will likely be brought in for deputy duties, with Max Wendt (b. 2005) a potential in-house depth option.

Market Status: High Probability

Eintracht Frankfurt

Kevin Trapp, Eintracht Frankfurt

Goalkeeping Squad
  • Kevin Trapp (B. 1990, Contract Exp. 30.06.26)

  • Kaua Santos (B. 2003, Contract Exp. 30.06.28)

  • Jens Grahl (B. 1988, Contract Exp. 30.06.26)

  • Simon Simoni (B. 2004, Contract Exp. 30.06.27)

Player Profile - Kevin Trapp

Kevin Trapp will be approaching his fifth season in this stint as Eintracht Frankfurt's goalkeeper, and he is showing hints of his age. His reflexes remain sharp, but there are moments of inconsistency showing in his play. Eintracht Frankfurt made a statement of trust in signing him to a multi-year extension this season, but soon considerations must be made to the future.

  • Shot-Stopping Score: 42

  • Ball-Playing Score: 78

  • Area Defending Score: 41

Kaua Santos recently arrived from Brazilian side CR Flamengo and could very well be that long-term solution, given his contract expires in 2028. I would expect to see him loaned out for some regular game time if that is the case. In the short term, Grahl will do just fine as a backup and Simoni will serve as an emergency backup and reserve team goalkeeper.

Market Status: Low Probability


Goalkeeping Squad
  • Noah Atubolu (B. 2002, Contract Exp. Undisclosed)

  • Florian Muller (B. 1997, Contract Exp. Undisclosed)

  • Benjamin Uphoff (B. 1993, Contract Exp. Undisclosed)

Player Profile - Noah Atubolu

Noah Atubolu might have one of the lower scores for starting goalkeepers in the Bundesliga, but this is one where I am not concerned about it. Atubolu has spent almost a decade working his way through the Freiburg academy and is in his first season as a starter for the club. He is the youngest goalkeeper starting in the division and he certainly has room to improve, but Freiburg's comfortable league position means Atubolu is in an environment that allows development while playing high-quality football.

  • Shot-Stopping Score: 9

  • Ball-Playing Score: 77

  • Area Defending Score: 15

With Freiburg leaving the contract length undisclosed for all of their goalkeepers, I'm operating under the assumption that none of the contracts expire this year. If this is true, Freiburg has one of the more comfortable goalkeeping units in the Bundesliga. Florian Muller is a second-choice with over 120 Bundesliga starts despite only being 26 while Benjamin Uphoff serves as a competent third-choice.

Market Status: Low Probability


Goalkeeping Squad
  • Kevin Muller (B. 1991, Contract Exp. 30.06.25)

  • Vitus Eicher (B. 1990, Contract Exp. 30.06.25)

  • Paul Tschernuth (B. 2002, Contract Exp. 30.06.25)

  • Frank Feller (B. 2004, Contract Exp. 30.06.25)

Player Profile - Kevin Muller

Kevin Muller has been the starting goalkeeper for Heidenheim since the 2016-17 season, and I wouldn't expect that to change anytime soon. Heidenheim has defied expectations and is comfortably mid-table while Kevin Muller has performed as one of the better goalkeepers in the division.

  • Shot-Stopping Score: 74

  • Ball-Playing Score: 68

  • Area Defending Score: 27

With all four goalkeepers having their contracts expire next season, I would expect this summer to be focused on reinforcing other aspects of the squad for Heidenheim. The young duo of Tschernuth and Feller will likely be candidates for loans, with one going out for first team minutes while the other stays as the reserve and emergency backup.

Market Status: Low Probability


Oliver Baumann, Hoffenheim

Goalkeeping Squad
  • Oliver Baumann (B. 1990, Contract Exp. 30.06.26)

  • Luca Philipp (B. 2000, Contract Exp. 30.06.24)

  • Nahuel Noll (B. 2003, Contract Exp. 30.06.27)

Player Profile - Oliver Baumann

Oliver Baumann has over 400 Bundesliga matches to his name and is not showing signs of slowing down yet. While Hoffenheim will need to start considerations of a replacement, I do not think that time is yet here for Baumann.

  • Shot-Stopping Score: 70

  • Ball-Playing Score: 68

  • Area Defending Score: 53

Luca Philipp and Nahuel Noll are both young options to serve in the deputy role for Baumann, as neither has truly solidified their claim of being the second choice quite yet. I would expect some activity in the summer, either through a loan out or Philipp being released. I could see Hoffenheim looking to bring in a true second-choice in the summer.

Market Status: High Probability


Goalkeeping Squad
  • Robin Zentner (B. 1994, Contract Exp. 30.06.25)

  • Daniel Batz (B. 1991, Contract Exp. 30.06.25)

  • Lasse Reiss (B. 2001, Contract Exp. 30.06.25)

Player Profile - Robin Zentner

Robin Zentner came through Mainz' academy and has been a regular starter for many seasons now, but relegation looks like a true possibility for the club. The harsh truth is Zentner is not good enough to be a Bundesliga goalkeeper. His injury history continues to grow into a longer list and his performances have been quite underwhelming. While there is no denying his loyalty, I feel Mainz must make a change in goal.

  • Shot-Stopping Score: 5

  • Ball-Playing Score: 49

  • Area Defending Score: 68

Other options within the club are Daniel Batz, who performed quite well during the four matches Zentner missed due to injury earlier this season, and Lasse Reiss. Batz has proven he can be called upon as a backup and Reiss offers a decent potential that just isn't there yet. While I feel Mainz needs to make a decision that does not involve Zentner, I do not expect that decision to happen any time soon.

Market Status: Low Probability

RB Leipzig

Goalkeeping Squad
  • Peter Gulacsi (B. 1990, Contract Exp. 30.06.25)

  • Janis Blaswich (B. 1991, Contract Exp. 30.06.26)

  • Leopold Zingerle (B. 1994, Contract Exp. Undisclosed)

  • Timo Schlieck (B. 2006, Contract Exp. 30.06.25)

Player Profile - Janis Blaswich

Janis Blaswich had spent most of the season as the first choice for Leipzig, but in recent weeks has found himself demoted as Gulacsi has stepped back into a starting role. Blaswich proved that he can be called upon for starts, but will likely remain the second choice for the time being.

  • Shot-Stopping Score: 31

  • Ball-Playing Score: 75

  • Area Defending Score: 59

Peter Gulacsi has been a sensational goalkeeper over the past few years for Leipzig, but a cruciate ligament tear suffered in October 2022 has left him at a lower performance level than before. With his age, Gulacsi's days at Leipzig might slowly be coming to a close. Zingerle is a recent arrival that served as an emergency backup, but I would anticipate a move over the summer for him. Timo Schlieck has an exciting future ahead of him, but is still quite some time away from being a Bundesliga goalkeeper. That brings us to a signing that was agreed back in April 2022. Belgian prodigy Maarten Vandevoordt is the youngest goalkeeper in Champions League history and will be joining in the summer as the long-term man in goal for RB Leipzig.

Market Status: High Probability


Alexander Nubel, Stuttgart (on loan via Bayern Munich)

Goalkeeping Squad
  • Alexander Nubel (B. 1996, On Loan via Bayern Munich)

  • Fabian Bredlow (B. 1995, Contract Exp. 30.06.26)

  • Dennis Seimen (B. 2005, Contract Exp. 30.06.27)

  • Florian Schock (B. 2001, Contract Exp. 30.06.24)

Player Profile - Alexander Nubel

In a season where Stuttgart has defied expectations and looks bound for Champions League qualification, Alexander Nubel has looked to be a competent man in goal. Stuttgart seems keen on bringing him in permanently, and his troubled relations at Bayern make a move feel possible. The problems in goal for Bayern as well as the cost of the move could cause issues and prevent it from happening, however.

  • Shot-Stopping Score: 35

  • Ball-Playing Score: 71

  • Area Defending Score: 50

Fabian Bredlow is a capable backup with time left on his contract, while Dennis Seimen could be a long-term solution to Stuttgart's goalkeeping situation but is not quite ready yet. Florian Schock will likely be released or sign a short extension. With Nubel on loan, there will certainly be activity in the summer from Stuttgart - either to permanently acquire Nubel or find other solutions.

Market Status: High Probability

Union Berlin

Goalkeeping Squad
  • Frederik Ronnow (B. 1992, Contract Exp. Undisclosed)

  • Alexander Schwolow (B. 1992, Contract Exp. Undisclosed)

  • Jakob Busk (B. 1993, Contract Exp. 30.06.24)

  • Out on Loan - Lennart Grill (B. 1999, Contract Exp. Undisclosed)

Player Profile - Frederik Ronnow

Frederik Ronnow's season can be described in one word - competent. Ronnow has not been spectacular but has been capable and good enough to not have concerns over his role going into the late stretch of the season.

  • Shot-Stopping Score: 51

  • Ball-Playing Score: 73

  • Area Defending Score: 55

Alexander Schwolow was once a high-performing goalkeeper in the Bundesliga, but since his departure from Freiburg in 2020, he is best left as a backup with occasional starts. Jakob Busk has served as an emergency backup for the past few seasons and will likely depart with his contract expiring this summer. Lennart Grill has been on loan at Osnabrück, where he spent the first half of the season with underwhelming performances before being demoted to the backup role shortly after head coach Tobias Schweinsteiger was sacked. Between Busk and Grill, I would expect one to leave permanently and the other to remain as the emergency backup.

Market Status: Low Probability

Werder Bremen

Goalkeeping Squad
  • Michael Zetterer (B. 1995, Contract Exp. 30.06.25)

  • Jiri Pavlenka (B. 1992, Contract Exp. 30.06.24)

  • Dudu (B. 1999, Contract Exp. 30.06.24)

  • Out on Loan - Mio Backhaus (B. 2004, Contract Exp. Undisclosed)

Player Profile - Michael Zetterer

Coming into this season, Zetterer was expected to be the deputy to Pavlenka. Thanks to making the most of his opportunity, Michael Zetterer has fully won the starting role from Pavlenka and likely will have the opportunity to retain the position going into next season, should his form continue.

  • Shot-Stopping Score: 69

  • Ball-Playing Score: 50

  • Area Defending Score: 77

Five years ago, Jiri Pavlenka was near unbeatable in goal and dubbed as the natural Czech heir to Petr Cech. Jump to modern day and Pavlenka now looks destined to be released at the end of his contract this summer. Mio Backhaus has spent the year in goal for one of the leakiest clubs in the Eredivisie with FC Volendam, and is likely only capable of being a backup at this time for Werder Bremen. That leaves Dudu, who also faces an expiring contract and remains just a depth goalkeeper at this time. I would expect Werder Bremen to bring in competition for Zetterer in the summer.

Market Status: High Probability


Koen Casteels, Wolfsburg

Goalkeeping Squad
  • Koen Casteels (B. 1992, Contract Exp. 30.06.24)

  • Pavao Pervan (B. 1987, Contract Exp. 30.06.25)

  • Niklas Klinger (B. 1995, Contract Exp. 30.06.25)

Player Profile - Koen Casteels

Koen Casteels has been a consistent and dependable goalkeeper for many years now, and that hasn't changed for this season. His contract is set to expire in the summer and it has been confirmed that he will be leaving Wolfsburg, but I am sure he will have no issues finding a new club in the coming months.

  • Shot-Stopping Score: 59

  • Ball-Playing Score: 38

  • Area Defending Score: 55

Pavao Pervan is one of the older goalkeepers in the league but is proven as a reliable backup. I wouldn't expect any changes to his role as he enters the final year of his contract next year. Niklas Klinger serves as the emergency backup, and I would also expect that to remain the case. Wolfsburg has already confirmed the replacement for Koen Casteels, as Polish international Kamil Grabara will join from FC Copenhagen in July. Grabara is a very strong goalkeeper and should have no problems performing on the pitch for Wolfsburg.

Market Status: High Probability

As the Bundesliga plays out the final remaining matches in the 2023/24 season, attention will be turning to the summer and there will be plenty of transfers affecting the goalkeeping market coming in and out of the Bundesliga. If you enjoyed this article, check out the other articles throughout my website and follow me on Twitter/X @ARDataAnalysis.


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